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IX. Circulation Policy

 As a member of a shared circulation system, the Balsam Lake Public Library adheres to the basic circulation policies set by the MORE consortium.

 A. Registration

All patrons must be registered and have a valid unblocked MORE library card to borrow materials or use the public access computers.

Patrons must fill out an application form to register for a library card, and identification is required for validation of information. Acceptable forms include a picture ID such as a driver’s license or state identification card. Acceptable forms for address verification include fishing or hunting licenses, or a recent non-personal piece of mail.

Applicants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian give their consent on the application form before a new card can be issued. The parental signature is not required for children who are renewing cards.

All library cards expire annually from date of issue. In order to renew a library card, patrons must produce identification and pay all outstanding fines.

A patron record with an expiration date older than three years will be deleted if the record is free of outstanding charges.  Expired patron records with outstanding charges will remain on the system indefinitely. 

Transitory Residents

Transitory residents are persons not currently having a permanent address.

Transitory residents must provide proof of current residential address.

Out of State Residents

Out of State temporary residents are persons whose permanent residence is outside the State of Wisconsin and who will be residing in Wisconsin for less than six months. These residents will be issued a library card for three months at a time.

Applicants must provide proof of a local residential address for their temporary residence. Applicants must also provide a driver’s license or state identification card.


The maximum number of items allowed on a Temporary Resident’s card at any time is two (2).Temporary residents may not check out circulating equipment or interlibrary loans.

Materials cannot be checked out until a library card is issued.

B. Forgotten or lost cards

All patrons, adult and juvenile, are expected to present their library cards when they check out items. An individual who repeatedly ignores this expectation may be denied the privilege of checking out materials until he/she presents the card at the library.

 If a patron loses his/her library card, he should notify the library as soon as possible to request a replacement. The first replacement is free any additional replacement; there is a fee of $1.00 to process a replacement card.

C. Use of card                                                                                                       

 Patrons must use their own cards to check out materials.  Exception: minors may check out items on their parent’s card with parental permission. Patrons are not allowed to check out materials on any other patron card if their own record is blocked.

D. Loan periods

  • Books are loaned for three weeks and may be renewed twice if there are no outstanding holds on the particular item.
  • Generally, reference books do not circulate. Upon request, some reference materials may be checked out.
  • Periodicals are loaned for one week and may be renewed if there are no outstanding item holds.
  • Videocassettes and DVDs are loaned for one week and may be renewed if there are no outstanding item holds.
  • Books on cassette and books on CD are loaned for three weeks and may be renewed if there are no outstanding holds.
  • Materials borrowed from other MORE libraries will be loaned according to the owning library’s loan rules.
  • Interlibrary loans from outside the MORE system are due the date indicated by the lending library and not generally renewable.

The director may establish the loan period for special collections, materials which are temporarily in great demand, or materials which are in a new format.

Prior to opening, the Balsam Lake library will backdate materials in the drop boxes to the previous open day.

There is a first-time limit of five items (no more than two movies) for new patron cards. Limit of 3 DVD’s for 30 days.  Then there will be a limit of 10 DVD checkouts at one time.

E. Reserves

Reserves (holds) may be placed by the patron either in person, by phone, or by accessing the MORE patron account online. Patrons will be notified by telephone notification system (TNS) or email when the materials are available.

 F. Fines and charges

Fines on overdue materials are set by the owning library, and may be collected at any of the MORE libraries.  If the material is not returned within the designated loan period, two overdue notices will be sent at 15 and 30 days, followed by a bill at 45 days for the cost of replacement of the material.  Failure to return library materials is considered theft under Wisconsin State Statute 943.61 and Village of Balsam Lake Municipal Code. Charges of $25 or more that are not paid within 60 days of the letter of notice will be referred to a collection agency. A service charge of $10 will be added to any accounts sent to a collection agency.  Information provided to the collection agency shall be limited to the individual’s name, contact information, and the amount of owned to the library.

Funds received for replacement charges for lost materials will be reimbursed to the patron if the materials are returned in good condition within 30 days of paying the charges.

If fines or charges are paid with a check returned for insufficient funds, the library will add the original charges plus the bank service charge to the patron record; send a copy of the charges and the bank statement to the patron; and accept only cash or money order to clear the record.  

Patrons with overdue materials, fines and/or replacement costs (that would accrue) in excess of $10.00 shall be denied borrowing privileges until the replacement costs are paid and the fines are under $10.00.

H. Confidentiality of Patron Records

 Under Section 43.30, library records which indicate the identity of any individual who borrows or uses the library's documents or other materials, resources or services may only be disclosed:

(1)   with the consent of the individual library user, or

(2)   by court order, or

(3)   to custodial parents or guardians of children under the age of 16, or

(4)   to persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system, or

(5)   to other libraries (under certain circumstances) for interlibrary loan purposes [see ss. 43.30(2) and (3)].

(6)   to collection agencies or local law enforcement as allowed in ss. 43.30(6)

 The Balsam Lake Public Library adheres strictly to all sections of this Statute regarding the protection of the confidentiality of its users. Refer to the Balsam Lake Public Library Privacy Policy for additional information.


Approved 4/24/2017