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XV. Displays and Exhibits Policy

As an educational and cultural institution, the Balsam Lake Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays of interest, information and enlightenment to the community. Displays of handiwork, historical material, nature study, or any other material deemed of general interest may be exhibited. The director shall accept or reject material offered for display based on its suitability and availability of display space.

The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection, and no liability for possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the library are there at the owner's risk.

Artists may display their names with the items.  No “For Sale” signs, price information, or contact information may be included with the display.  No item shall be displayed for more than 90 days.

Areas available to the public are the slat-wall areas, tops of low bookcases, and the general bulletin board. The exhibitor must sign a release before any artifact can be placed in the library. An example of the release follows:


Balsam Lake Public Library Display and Exhibit Release

I, the undersigned, hereby lend the following works of art or other material to the Balsam Lake Public Library for exhibit purposes only. In consideration of the privilege of exhibiting them in the library, I hereby release said library from responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction while they are in the possession of the library.

Materials to be displayed on the _____slat wall areas, _____top of bookcases, _____general bulletin board.

(Check all that apply.)

Dates of display ______________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________________ Date __________

Address _____________________________________________ Phone _________

Description of loaned materials __________________________________________



 Approved 4/24/2017